data integration in pharma

How is Data integration and Application transforming the Pharma Industry?

We look up to the Pharma industry as it works towards improving the quality ...

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computer vision

How Computer Vision made Autonomous Vehicles intelligent and reliable?

The evolution of the automobile is quite interesting to understand. In 1700 we had ...

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Challenges of Continued Process Verification (CPV) in the Pharma Industry

The fast-paced development of the healthcare system has seen an exodus of new medical ...

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drones used for inspection

Utility Inspections re-defined using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Utility inspection is a check conducted on various infrastructure and housing systems to ensure...

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Top Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Digital Pathology

Way back in the late 1960s, telepathology, wherein images captured from the microscope ...

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AI and Aerial Imagery for Search & Rescue

Drone – The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – they are mainly available in 4 types for aerial mapping ...

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How smartphones boost the gig economy?

The gig economy isn’t a word coined during Covid-19. It has been in existence since 1915 ...

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The Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Augmented reality (AR) enhances the objects around you which gives you an interactive ...

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How is Real-World Evidence changing healthcare?

The healthcare system has been evolving with the changing times. It isn’t as simple as it used to be. We now have a healthcare...

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Using Real-World Evidence (RWE) in Covid-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 – the pandemic dealt its deadly blow and the entire world is still fighting to deal with it...

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Tracking Deforestation with Geospatial Intelligence

Constant chirping of birds, buzzing of bees, howling of animals, scenic waterfalls, variety of vegetation can be...

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Machine Learning to Nowcast Urbanization in Developing Markets

Do you live in a city? Your answer most likely would be a ‘Yes’. It is estimated that around 4 billion people live...

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Satellite Imagery

Top Satellite Imagery Sources

The approximate number of satellites orbiting the earth is 2666. These satellites provide us the images of the earth...

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