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As pioneers in the rising popularity of FHIR, our main objective is to establish a standardized and streamlined approach to exchanging healthcare data.

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With the onset of new and emerging technologies that have transformed the digital healthcare landscape in the past few years, IT services for healthcare have never been more critical. Over the recent past, we have seen the healthcare industry move from a traditional paper model to a digital model. Our focus mainly revolves around creating solutions that provide strategic, analytical, and sustainable growth through IT solutions in the healthcare domain.

Our Key Focus Areas

Our primary drivers in the healthcare industry include creating analytics-driven platforms for greater visibility and actionable outcomes, as well as facilitating data exchange in the healthcare sector by re-architecting legacy platforms to adapt to the new data standards.

API based Platform Architecture

At Aventior, we have overseen multiple projects to re-architect legacy platforms to move from the HL7 Data Protocol to FHIR. Having been at the forefront of FHIR gaining popularity, our primary aim is is to standardize and simplify the method through which healthcare data was exchanged before. This will help in making a holistic environment where better services are provided with safe and secure data exchange.

Data-Driven Analytics Dashboard

We develop configurable analytics dashboards for greater insight and reporting. This dashboard gives the users the ability to access KPIs that are organized around a few relevant business questions that the dashboard metrics address. Elsewhere, we have also implemented platforms to digitize data collection for clinical trials. It helps institutions to enable their decentralized studies, allowing remote data capture securely through one unified platform.

Digital & Mobility Solutions

At Aventior, we have designed and developed telehealth and eCOA cost-effective platforms that can be custom configured. Telehealth primarily uses electronic information via telecommunication channels to support clinical healthcare and support remotely. This can be useful in creating patient portals, virtual appointments, remote monitoring, and dynamic electronic health records.

Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA)

Traditional manual paper data collection methods are making way for eCOA for clinical trial data collection at a rapid rate. This adaptation has seen an improvement in data accuracy, as well as refine site and user compliance. The rise in the wearables segment and smartphones are being harnessed by eCOA solutions for complete reporting.

Consistent & Reliable Data

eCOA improves data reliability and consistency with checks to minimize erroneous data

Increase participant compliance

eCOA makes participants compliant to participate as it’s convenient and samples can be submitted from the comfort of the participants’ homes.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Patients engaging in studies using eCOA are more likely to complete the study due to a smooth process.

Improved Patient Retention

Factors such as data reliability, convenience, enhanced user experience, etc. lead to higher patient retention

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