Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences AI Solutions

Achieve faster go-to-market solutions backed by the power of data

At Aventior, we work with some of the leading pharma, biotech, cell & gene therapy, and diagnostics companies by helping them build their digital ecosystem. The cornerstone of our efforts has been to harness the power of data for drug research, clinical trials, and drug manufacturing. Our AI-driven solutions drastically cut down the time taken for any new drug to enter the market while delivering improved patient care and accelerated clinical trials.

Our Solutions

Our solutions for the pharma and life sciences industry ranges from the research & development phase of any drug to the post-launch market intelligence collection. Our solutions range from automating the process of data collection to building a consolidated database of pharma, biotech, and life sciences companies.

Data Restructuring and Analytics Platform (DRIP)

Drug research and testing generate voluminous data from varied sources (diseases, patient information, test/experiment results, FDA compliances) and databases. However, the inability to ingest, structure, and search these makes it challenging for pharmaceutical companies to utilize vast quantities of data. DRIP automates the integration and ingestion of this data, helping build a consolidated database for Biotech, Pharma, and Life Sciences companies.

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Continued Process Verification (CPV) – Auto

For pharmaceutical manufacturers, automation of Batch Records has become a priority for cost-effective maintenance of compliance with regulatory mandates and internal/external audits. Continued Process Verification (CPV) enables this with the assemblage, digitization, and evaluation of end-to-end processes data in FDA compliant format for better statistical analysis.

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Digital Pathology: Label Extraction

We use AI-backed and state-of-the-art OCR technologies and image processing to read, understand and store label data from digital pathology slides. This extracted label text is translated into a structured data format, stored, and tagged in a database enabling it for future searches. It significantly saves time and effort by avoiding repeat sample orders, quick access to historic data, and achieving greater accuracy.

Phase wise Pharma Process Augmentation

At Aventior, we drive the change from the R&D phase to after-sales intelligence collection. Equipped with advanced analytics, we propagate greater productivity across the entire value chain for better performance

Research & Development

Reach your clinical R&D milestones quicker and more economically.

Manufacturing & Sales

Precise manufacturing & inventory planning followed by effective sales efforts.

Monitoring & Feedback

Keep your hand on the pulse of the market with real-time perception, monitoring & feedback.

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