Product Engineering

Designing and developing applications customized to specific needs

Product engineering teams feel challenged in visualizing the next trailblazing idea and productizing them. Further roadblocks are the mandates of faster go-to-market (GTM), reduced costs without compromising the SDLC, and adhering to the latest compliances. As a dedicated center of product development, we ensure that flexibility remains the pivot for a non-linear development cycle, helping mitigate these obstacles and developing need-specific functional solutions.

Custom Development Process

Our custom development approach emphasizes that developing a generic digital solution is no longer acceptable.

  • We Assess the business landscape and the idea, outline the product scope, R&D roadmap, development, and go-to-market strategies
  • We Assign dedicated teams to architect, design, and test in an iterative approach that is flexible to client needs and objectives

Development Competencies At A Glance

Full-stack and custom engineering of solutions specific to the clinical and biotech sector

DevOps toolkits and services to accelerate the development process

Development of mobile-first products and SaaS applications

Pre-configured solutions tailored to suit the desired objective

The Two-Fold Agile Development Engagement

At Aventior, we operate in a two-fold scalable model, with a focus team that understands and defines the objectives under the assessment process. In the assignment stage, AGILE POD’s are assigned based on the subject-matter-expertise as per the defined scope.

Focus Teams

  • Takes the end-to-end ownership – assessment to delivery/implementation
  • A cross-functional group of product leaders, project managers, and consultants
  • Consistently collaborating with the client and the POD’s to manage the SDLC


  • Subject matter expert groups assigned to the product development
  • Phase-wise POD’s purposed for specific objectives – Designing, Prototyping, Testing & QA, UX
  • Monitored by the focus group and operating on flexible project milestones

Differentiators In Every Development Cycle

  • Focus on the business objective ensures developed solution matches the discussed need
  • Accountability of development process yet flexibility to accommodate changes due to the shifting business landscape
  • Cross-functional expertise in AI, analytics, computer vision, etc. increases the breadth of our engineering capacity
  • Robust QA and compliance checks ensure no regulatory requirements are left unaddressed
  • UX-first interfaces to provide the desired end-user engagement and improved user journey

Let’s Lead Your Idea to a Sustainable and Bespoke Product