AI & Computer Vision

Delivering top of the line computer vision and AI image recognition services that can be used to extract and process high-dimensional data, digital images, and videos to produce information in real-time, enabling companies to enhance their processes and effectively meet their goals.

Aventior offers Image-Video_Text Analytics Solutions for Enabling Enterprises to derive actionable insights from Images, Videos, and to increase business efficiency. Our experience and expertise in digital image processing have empowered us to supply optimized solutions and design superior algorithms for maximum performance and accuracy. We offer both offline and real-time digital image processing solutions; equipped with data labeling, automated testing, and analysis features.

Aventior data science team consists of experienced and highly-skilled computer vision/deep learning/machine learning engineers, domain experts, data scientists, data analysts, and business analysts, who are engaged in various projects belonging to a wide variety of domains such as healthcare, life sciences, energy, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. Our research and development teams thrive to create the most competitive products available in the market.

  • Satellite Image Analysis (SIA):
    An AI-driven computer vision solution with the main objective of detecting and classifying large vehicles, small vehicles, sports facilities, buildings, ships, and airplanes. The solution has use cases in smart cities applications and Urban or ship monitoring solutions. Many algorithms can be found on the UP42 marketplace, which is a marketplace for Satellite and Aerial Data Solutions.
  • Human Detection from Drone Imagery:
    An AI-driven computer vision solution for detecting humans from the drone images with the main objective of deploying first responder and rescue services.
  • Document Processing Platform: 
    A user-friendly platform where a user can bring his own set of documents, define his own rules for data extraction, and have the data extracted from the bulk of files. The platform helped the clients in extracting data from documents that do not follow any rules, or there are too many types of documents to define the rules. Some of the document types on which the platform was tested consisted of scanned PDFs, which contained documents like “Vehicle Registration or Driver’s License”, “Social Security Cards”, “Restaurant’s Menu Cards” etc. 
  • Urban Super-Resolution:
    An AI-driven computer vision solution for resolution reconstruction of satellite-urban images. This solution can be used to convert a low-resolution satellite image, with GSD of 0.5 m to a high-resolution image with GSD of 0.125 m. Super-Resolution improves the performance of image segmentation, image classification, and multi-class object detection solutions. 
  • Power line, Power Pole, and Abrupt Electrical Discharge Detection:
    AI-driven computer vision application in detection of power lines and electrical discharge aka electric-field anomalies or sparks, respectively. This set of algorithms find the applications in Power Transmission lines inspections using drones.
  • Digital Pathology Slides Label Extraction:
    An AI-Life Sciences platform for extracting the information from the labels on pathology slides, and convert them into a structured format. Then the metadata within the labels can be converted into metadata associated with the slides, and the slides can be easily searched for particular information based on the metadata. The platform can be used for efficiently processing radiology and pathology digital images. 
  • CPV Auto:
    A platform called “CPV Auto” was built to increase the speed of digitization of batch-records created while manufacturing the drugs. CPV Auto is capable of extracting the hand-written and types of information present in scanned PDFs. Converting them into a standard database. The system is based on the human-in-loop concept and utilizes a combination of “Optical Character Recognition” (OCR) technology combined with “Speech-to-Text” technology.  The human in the loop system ensures 100% data extraction even for handwritten information present in the scanned PDFs. CPV Auto can be extended to any process industry which relies on documented data that needs to be digitized.

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