AI & Satellite-Based Imagery Analysis

Actionable Geospatial Intelligence using Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Geospatial intelligence is a major driver when it comes to solving issues around urban planning, disaster management, environmental management, defense and security. Our Aerial & Satellite Image Analytics (SIA) Platform leverages Computer Vision and Deep Learning for accurate object detection and classification of vehicles, vessels, buildings, landmarks, ground cover for visual, NIR and other spectrums.

SIA Platform Features

  • Aerial and satellite imagery processing in RGB mode
  • Image/Video processing of 55 cm or less in resolution (Ground Sampling Distance – GSD)
  • Multiple sources like Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, High-Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS), Aircraft, drones/UAVs
  • Multiple models which include SaaS-based access, API based data service, and Product embedding
  • Our partner platforms such as UP42 and ESRI also have a consumer version of the key SIA algorithms

The Paradigm Shift in Automated Mapping to Analytics Applications

Marquee features include Buildings detection, Sport-Facilities detection, Vehicles detection, and Ships and Airplanes detection. Applications of these range from urban planning & monitoring, construction, energy & utilities, traffic management, intelligence & reconnaissance.

Building Detection

The AI models within our SIA platforms are capable of running detection algorithms over 100 sq. km. to classify and count buildings.

Used By: Urban Planners, Retail Companies, Telecom Companies, Census, Law Enforcement

Vehicle Detection

Our platform uses deep learning for vehicle count, classification and tracking in urban, rural and industrial settings.

Used By: Hedge Fund investors to analyze economic activity, Retailers, Mining Companies, Customs & Border Protection agencies.

Urban Super Resolution

The AI-powered USR module is an image processing subroutine optimized for urban locations to process images of cities, towns, and suburban locations to improve the Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) and the image resolution by 4X.

Human Detection

The SIA platform has enhanced capabilities to process 4K drone footages and videos for human detection as part of search and rescue missions as well as homicide investigations.

Used By: Local Police, Sheriff, Customs & Border Protection agencies.

Maritime Surveillance

The SIA platform can process drone feeds, or high-altitude pseudo satellite (HAPS) data integrated with real-time AIS data to gather situational awareness and safety of ships, flotillas, oil tankers, and other vessels.

Aircraft Detection

The SIA platform’s Aircraft detection module helps locate, track and count aircrafts on the ground (airports and hangars), which is key in surveillance and intelligence.

Used By: Governments, Investors in the travel, logistics and aviation industry.

Sports Facilities Detection

Our platform is capable of detecting large sports facilities as part of urban planning for use of open spaces and their applications.

Used By: Governments, Real Estate Developers, Ad Companies,
First Responders and Public Safety Officers

Power Line Inspection and Anomaly Detection

The SIA platform can be seamlessly integrated with Drone feeds for power line detection, inspection, and anomaly detection. This increases the safety of inspectors across utility companies.

ESRI Support Services (Vehicle Detection)

ArcGIS Marketplace Provider

  • We, at Aventior have been strategic implementation partners with both small and large enterprises globally. What our team brings to the table is a well-rounded cross-industry and multi-client perspective, with a strategy grounded in design, implementation, and innovation.
  • Our geospatial intelligence services, computer vision, and deep learning solutions are aimed at monitoring urban planning and monitoring, infrastructure change detection, vehicle detection and count, traffic management, intelligence & reconnaissance, and map open spaces.


The model delivers exemplary performance on 30 cm (GSD) resolution imagery.

Licensing Requirement

  • The model can be downloaded by users who have ArcGIS Online subscription
  • The following license is required to execute the model: Desktop workflows – Image Analyst Extension for ArcGIS Pro

Using the Model

The model can be used to detect Vehicles using our Deep Learning Tool. A detailed tutorial is provided along with the deep learning model file to help users to execute vehicle detection independently.

Leverage the power of our AI based SIA Platform for accurate Analytics