Data Restructuring & Informatics Platform (DRIP)

Automating data ingestion & formatting – improving visualization
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Drug research and testing generate voluminous data from varied sources (diseases, patient information, test/experiment results, FDA compliances) and databases. However, the inability to ingest, structure, and search these makes it’s challenging for pharmaceutical companies to utilize vast quantities of data. DRIP automates the integration and ingestion of this data, helping build a consolidated database for Biotech, Pharma, and Life Sciences companies.

DRIP in a nutshell

Built on complex ML and proprietary rule based algorithms, the platform automates data ingestion and formatting from unstructured or template driven semi-structured spreadsheets. What makes it stand out is the solution’s use of proprietary pattern recognition algorithms and metadata comprehension to generate a database of research data and lab results.

Unstructured Clinical Data To Visualized Formats

A visual representation of DRIP’s role and the end results achieved by the platform while processing unstructured data in various digital formats.

Unstructured Data

Historical and scattered data in multiple formats


Rule-based data formatting and pattern recognition

Structured Data Store(User-defined)

User-defined output visualization and search tool

The Advantage In DRIP Led Consolidated Databases

Get Improved Visualization of Unstructured and Siloed Clinical Datasets