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At Aventior, we are leveraging the convergence of AI, Cloud, Digital and Data Engineering, to drive innovation, improve end-user experiences and realize future possibilities.

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A Digital Acceleration Partner

To Fast-track Clinical & Enterprise Breakthroughs

We are transforming Healthtech through data insights, digitization of clinical trials and biotech manufacturing, applications of AI and Computer Vision for disease detection, and other breakthroughs.

Key Focus Areas

Adding Value To 20+ Enterprises Globally

Life Sciences

Defining strategy for large-scale data integration, digitization of paper batch records for Cell & Gene Therapy, dashboards for CROs.


Distributed Clinical
Trials & Healthcare

Technology solutions to fast-track eDRO, ePRO, and eCOA requirements, besides UX design, patient monitoring, and analytics to improve overall clinical outcomes.


Geo Spatial Intelligence

Computer vision driven AI & Satellite image analysis to drive insights across real estate, transportation, etc.

AI Innovation Lab

Cutting edge research to develop new AI platforms to solve some of the most complex and unique business challenges.

Engineering With A Difference

We Accelerate GTMs And Better Data To Decisions

Development CoE

To engineer new possibilities in Distributed Clinical Trials

Cloud Services

To reimagine transformation through cloud-native applications

Data Engineering
& Analytics

For meaningful insights from orchestrated structured/unstructured data

And other
Service Areas

For Life Sciences

CPV-Auto (Digitization of Paper Batch Records)

To automate the process of collection Critical Production Parameters in Biotech manufacturing

Data Restructuring & Informatics Platform (DRIP)

To consolidate research data and lab reports

For Cross Industries

Aerial & Satellite Image Analysis
To detect, classify and provide locational intelligence of objects in aerial and satellite images

Success Stories

Of The Possibilities We’ve Realized Across Sectors

Data Engineering
Creating large scale data integration platform converging data from chemistry, formulation, and pre-clinical studies for multiple benefits of a leading CRO
Document Automation
Successful large-scale document automation digitizing paper batch records for cell and gene therapy companies across US, Canada, and Europe
Product Development
eCOA, ePRO, eConsent, and EDC platform development for a leading DCT firm that supports some of the top 50 global pharma companies
AI & Deep Learning
Using deep learning and computer vision models to detect traffic, building construction, and open areas that power smart city applications in South Korea


AI Innovation,

We Advance Biotech

Dive Into Our AI Innovation Lab, where our teams implement latest and best-practices in AI, ideating solutions that can simplify business processes.

AI & Computer Vision Based Detections

To extract and process high-dimensional data, digital images, and videos and generate real-time information.

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Orchestrating predictive and prescriptive insights pattern recognitions for decisive decisions.


Ultimately, Converging It All

We’re Accelerating Digital Outcomes

Next Set Of Possibilities Realized

A convergence of our capabilities, backed by an “A Team” of SMEs and tech advocates, can help enterprises realize the next set of possibilities.

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