Life Sciences

Aventior has been working with some of the leading pharma, biotech, and diagnostics companies providing the technical know-how and support to build their digital ecosystem. With a significant focus on harnessing the power of data for drug research, clinical trials, and drug manufacturing, leading life sciences companies are building solutions that will help them achieve faster go-to-market solutions.

Additionally, Aventior is also helping develop solutions for telehealth and eCOA. In the current pandemic the popularity of telehealth systems, mobile apps for patient and physician interaction, remote monitoring, real-time analytics are becoming increasingly important. These technologies also help retain patients longer for clinical trials and overall improve the end-user experience by reducing the number of time patients have to spend at clinics.

The use of AI for drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical data analysis, RWE and patient recruitment, pharmacovigilance, clinical imaging analysis, digital pathology, and commercialization is becoming increasingly important. Companies are using AI to reduce their cost of drug development, identifying new molecules faster, recruit the right patient and retain them during clinical trials.


Data Restructuring and Analytics Platform (DRIP)

DRIP integrates data from disparate sources and creates a universal database for easy data visualization.
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Continued Process Verification (CPV) - Auto

CPV - Auto is an AI-based automation platform for processing pharma/biotech compliance documents.
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Digital Pathology: Label Extraction

AI-based label and metadata extraction from histopathology slides.
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