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Built in Categorization

Classifying documents uploaded on Box Drive into respective workflows for easy processing


Auto Text Extraction

Automation of data extraction using AI and ML technologies, regardless of layout


Coordinate Mapping

Compensates for slight shifts in the position of parameter(s) due to scanning shifts & skews


Range Parameters

Specifies the minimum and maximum values allowed for the parameter


Peer Review

Data points are independently verified with a human in the loop


Secured Data Workflow

21-CFR Part 11 & GAMP compliant platform takes complete care of your data security needs

Data Accuracy
Reduction in Processing Time
Increase in Productivity

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    Frequently Asked Questions 

    The CPV-Auto NXG platform is primarily designed for and actively used in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. It also finds its application in various other sectors, including insurance, manufacturing, finance, banking, and many others.
    Data processing will be lot quicker. The technology makes it possible to obtain Critical Production Parameters (CPP) 15X faster and does away with the requirement for manual data entry.
    The platform is 21-CFR Part 11 compliant and meets all of the defined GxP norms. Its Cloud-based validated solution enables the best-in-class security protocols.
    No. The CPV-Auto platform does not train the AI engine using your data.
    CPV-Auto NXG comes with features like Built-in Categorization, Coordinate Mapping, Auto Text Extraction and is enabled with several enhancements like Range Parameters and Peer Review.
    Documents can be translated from a variety of languages into English and vice versa using the CPV-Auto NXG platform.

    Here’s why people like CPV-Auto™ NXG

    The process has helped us improve our data quality, we are seeking better ways to acquire and manage our data as a result of this project. We are also just begining to learn to work with and analyze our data. The ultimate goal is to assist in making more informed product decisions; we aren't there yet.

    - A leading CRO from North America

    With CPV-Auto NXG, our turnaround from raw data to structured data has been greatly improved (efficiency).

    - A Global Biotechnology firm

    For mature processes, CPV-Auto support allows us to rapidly turn around data for analysis, investigations etc. for our internal customers.

    - A company working on creative gene therapies

    CPV-Auto NXG has helped us Increase the use of data analytical capabilities to support new chemistry discovery process.

    - A pharma and therapeutics companies

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