Radiology Image Analysis

Deep learning for image analysis and better patient outcomes

At Aventior, we develop platforms and solutions for health practitioners using computer vision-based detection and AI-backed analysis and propagation. With the use of AI, we see a better rate of sensitivity and accuracy while detecting chronic irregularities. With the help of AI and deep learning in clinical studies, our platforms are capable of better interpretation and ruling out false alarms, at the same time capable of raising a flag in case of an irregularity which would have normally been missed in case of manual interpretation.

Our modules that are built on Computer Vision and Deep Learning Neural Networks are used to analyze X-Rays, MRI Scans, ECGs, etc. We provide conclusive evidence-based and action-driven data that allows healthcare providers to improve their clinical outcomes.

Our Solutions

Chest X-Ray Analysis

  • Our Chest X-Ray analysis and processing module is primarily used for the detection of affected areas in the lung and pleura
  • This is used in the detection of diseases like Pneumonia, Lung inflations, Tuberculosis, etc.
  • Real-time detections can help in early diagnosis resulting in saving precious time that can be very critical

MRI Analysis

  • We introduced the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) approach along with data augmentation and image processing to categorize and classify brain MRI scan images into cancerous and non-cancerous regions.
  • We adopt the concept of transfer learning and use several pre-trained deep convolutional neural networks to extract deep features from brain MRIs

Why Radiology Image Analysis

Greater efficiency and quality of patient outcomes

Automate the routine tasks

A secured and collaborative process

Decreases treatment costs

Enhance your Clinical Outcomes using Deep Learning Algorithms