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Case Studies

Gyggs – An On-demand Platform

By September 20, 2021January 19th, 2023No Comments


Mobile Application for part-time workforce management

Gyggs is an on-demand platform for small business owners, managers and part-time workers who reside in Massachusetts and surrounding states to post and apply for job opportunities. The platform allows small business owners from the service industry including, the hotel industry, laundry services, groceries, convenient stores, and liquor deliveries, to look for part-time workers who can work in shifts.


The mobile platform is designed as a native iOS and Android mobile application with persona and role-based design. Business owners can create a job requirement in the mobile platform. Those looking for opportunities can look for work opportunities by searching on the Gyggs platform. They can create their profile; to easily apply for the job in their desired location.


Easy access to find a professional through online location services

The mobile application can be leveraged by the business owners to publish a job opportunity or a gig to find the right professional. Professionals can easily search for gigs posted by business owners through location services. They can apply for these opportunities or gigs using their smartphones. The platform is easy to access and use by both parties – business owners as well as job seekers. It is designed to bring efficiencies and improve profitability for the service industry. The easy access and availability of professionals at the fingertips solve the challenges in the availability of labor.  This platform helps in creating wonderful opportunities for part-time employment with the flexibility of work hours/days. The business owner can enter the hours and time for which they need a professional. The professional can apply for the gig if they are happy with the time and close the deal.

Aventior has developed an easy-to-install and use platform for busy business owners and professionals. It is available globally on Android as well as on iOS for download. Users have to simply register on the platform and are ready to find the gig they would love to do.

Features of the Gyggs platform

Simple Onboarding – The onboarding process is simple and automated. The owner or manager can post their requirements, including the gig details, hours required, and the hourly rates of the gig.

Smart Matching – The algorithm checks for labor requirements mentioned by the business owners, and it is matched with the skills of the professional. The algorithm finds a suitable match, and the gig is displayed to the professional. The professional who accepts first will get the gig.

User Friendly – The platform is easy to use. It gives an awesome user experience.  

Full Automation – The platform is completely automated, and users can have a stress-free experience for onboarding, matching the right profiles, and pay settlements.

Popularity of the Gyggs Platform

The platform is live and is used by professionals and business owners and managers to hire part-time employees. The success of this platform is, it has a great user experience and its stress-free management of on-boarding and payment activities. The platform was initially open to users in Massachusetts; however, its popularity has led Aventior to cover the surrounding areas too. Aventior is moving in phases to make the platform available in other areas.

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