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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as a transformative force, driving innovation across the EPC sector. Leveraging AI for the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction industry unlocks a spectrum of possibilities, from Predictive Analytics for resource management to intelligent decision-making in project planning. Moreover, the incorporation of Aventior’s Computer Vision solutions for EPC brings a new dimension to project execution. With the ability to interpret and analyze visual data, computer vision optimizes monitoring, quality control, and safety protocols throughout the project lifecycle.

Key Use cases and Solutions

Employee Wellness, Human Detection, Face Detection and Recognition, Personal Protective Equipment Detection

Human Detection

The surveillance system captures continuous video feeds in .h256 format from cameras either around the clock or during specific time frames. These video streams are sent to a server or surveillance unit for analysis by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) application. The AI application is designed to detect and count humans in each frame of the videos across different locations. The resulting data is then correlated with specific locations, generating a heatmap that visually represents the presence of humans. This heatmap serves as a valuable tool for further analysis and insights into human activity patterns across various video feeds and locations.

Employee Wellness

Ensuring the well-being of employees, especially through the identification of elevated body temperatures using thermal camera video feeds, stands as a critical priority for various companies. This is vital for containing the transmission of infectious diseases and maintaining a secure working environment. Aventior’s AI and Computer Vision solutions enabled early risk identification, timely isolation and testing of fever symptoms, and effective containment, reducing disruptions and ensuring employee and community well-being.

Face Detection and Recognition

Aventior’s AI and Computer Vision solutions for Face detection and recognition are employed across various domains due to their ability to provide advanced solutions for identification, authentication, and security. Our solutions give Enhanced Security, Convenient User Authentication, Efficient Surveillance and Monitoring, Customized User Experiences, Automated Attendance Tracking, Retail Analytics and many more.

Personal Protective Equipment Detection

The high incidence of construction fatalities resulting from traumatic brain injuries and collisions, caused by falls, electrocutions, and being struck by objects, presented a significant challenge for ensuring the safety of workers on construction sites. Aventior’s AI solutions for PPE detection improved safety, more efficient monitoring, reduced costs, and enhanced worker satisfaction on construction sites.

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