Vehicle Detection (ESRI Release)

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Formed in 2016, Aventior and its founders have been strategic implementation partners for small and large enterprises. A global presence to tap into both matured and developing markets with round-the-clock execution capabilities. Our team brings a well-rounded cross-industry and multi-client perspective, with a strategy grounded in design, implementation, and innovation. Aventior is a technology consulting firm assisting its clients on their Digital Transformation journey with a primary focus on building Digital, Cloud and AI, and GIS solutions that significantly improve their business outcomes.


Since 2016, Aventior has been providing top notch geospatial intelligence services, computer vision, and deep learning solutions to a wide variety of clientele across the globe. Solutions provided by Aventior aim at monitoring urban planning and monitoring, infrastructure change detection, vehicle detection and count, traffic management, intelligence & reconnaissance, and map open spaces.

Sample Detections

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The model delivers exemplary performance on 30 cm (GSD) resolution imagery.

Licensing Requirement

The model can be downloaded by users who have ArcGIS Online subscription. The following license is required to execute the model.
Desktop workflows – Image Analyst Extension for ArcGIS Pro

Using the Model

The model can be used to detect Vehicles using our Deep Learning Tool. A detailed tutorial is provided along with the deep learning model file to help users to execute vehicle detection independently.

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