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Vehicle Detection for ArcGIS Pro using Deep Learning

By May 17, 2021April 4th, 2022No Comments

Aventior has signed a long-term partnership with ESRI to become an ESRI marketplace provider for AI and Deep Learning Solutions.

Esri ARCGIS Aventior partnership

Aventior is excited to announce the launch of its Vehicle Detection Deep Learning Algorithm on the ESRI marketplace. Detecting vehicles and determining their count from satellite imagery is a complex and time-consuming approach. For handling such intricate tasks, deep learning models offer the superior capability to learn such complex workflow semantics and produce exemplary results. This Deep Learning based process block is capable of detecting and counting various vehicles such as Cars, Vans, Pickup Trucks and Buses, in satellite images in an automated fashion, thus reducing effort and time for analysis. Aventior’s Vehicle Detection Deep Learning model delivers exemplary performance on 30 cm resolution satellite  imagery.

vehicle detection deep learning model
vehicle detection using deep learning
vehicle detection
deep learning and vehicle detection

Aventior’s Vehicle Detection Model results can be used for a variety of purposes, including base map preparation, humanitarian aid, disaster management, and transportation planning. Applications range from taxation, urban planning, public works, visualization, simulation to a wide range of suitability analysis applications.

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