Geospatial Intelligence

Delivering world-class geospatial intelligence that provides a decisive advantage as well as real-time insights for the oil & gas, utilities, geoportals, smart cities, insurance, logistics, and agriculture sector to support data-driven strategic and operative decision making.

Aventior offers geospatial solutions with accurate data mapping and management services, horizontal and vertical integration of Satellite/Aerial Remote Sensing, Positioning Applications, and Satellite Imagery based Multi-Class Object Detection. We offer services in photogrammetry, GIS, and surveys in industries such as oil & gas, utilities, geoportals, smart cities, insurance, logistics, and the agriculture sector.

We derive actionable intelligence by employing an intelligence-led approach to data science and machine learning techniques, resulting in a higher degree of clarity and confidence in decision management. We look deeper, using pattern-of-life analysis and intelligence expertise to statistically describe normal operations in an area, corroborate social media and reporting agents in near real-time, and identify behaviors that put assets at greater risk. 

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