Cloud Strategy & Architecture

The Information Technology field has experienced huge growth in the area of Cloud Strategy and Architecture. Cloud Architecture refers to various components engineered to leverage the power of cloud resources to solve multiple business problems. These components comprise of the database, application, software capabilities, enterprise security etc. The cloud architecture has allowed users to access data uninterrupted across multiple geographies quickly and efficiently with iron-clad security.

Our architecture service always focuses on bringing the latest cloud technologies like AWS, GCP, Azure, and Oracle for existing businesses or help companies launch new business initiatives with ease. We have also worked on platforms like AWS Lambda, ECS/ECR, CFT, Kubernetes, Ansible for building Big Data applications. At Aventior, our approach is to design digital platforms that can offer infinite scale and uncompromised performance. We have also architected, designed, and developed platforms for leading aerospace and defense companies to merge sensor data with satellite images applications of which are in retail, construction, travel & transportation and smart city applications.

Aventior mainly focuses on building sophisticated applications that provide database storage, content delivery, and all the other functionalities with flexibility, scalability, and reliability. We have also developed and deployed cloud platforms for some leading E-Commerce companies belonging to the chemical industry, with a huge product base and processing. Additionally, we have developed automated cloud orchestration frameworks for AWS and GCP. 

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